Aztec & Nations Starter Set - Mythic Americas (Warlords of Erehwon)

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Aztec & Nations Starter Set - Mythic Americas (Warlords of Erehwon)

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For an eternity opposing forces, The Everliving and The Everchanging have been pushing against each other on the battlefield to maintain balance in all existence. The One also created The Children here on Earth and as mortal beings they often chose their side based on convivence or a whim. In Mythic Americas conflict rages across vast terrain with beasts and monstrosities clashing against creatures from The Children's worst nightmares. Many mythic events are happening on a vast landmass with a shared name, America. Can you find a way to restore balance? Or will you choose to destroy it and crush all those that stand in your way?

This fast paced table top miniatures game sees rival warbands battle it out.

The Mythic Americas Starter Set includes:

Aztec Starter warband:

  • 1 Tlalocan High Priest Hero unit (including 4 Bound-Dead Bodyguards. 5 models)
  • 2 Tlalocan-Bound Dead warrior units (10 models)
  • Tribal Nations Starter warband:
  • 1 Sachem Warlord Unit (including 2 Mohawk Warrior Bodyguards - 3 models)
  • 1 Mohawk Warrior UNITS (5 models)
  • 1 Seneca Warrior UNITS (5 models)
  • Dice
  • Softback Rulebook
  • Game Cards
  • Tokens

For ages 14+

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This is not a toy 

Miniatures supplied unpainted and require assembly. Paints and glue not included 

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