Star Wars™: Legion

Star Wars Legion is an exciting table top wargame set in the Star Wars Universe. Take to the battlefield in defence of the Galactic Empire or the Old Republic, field a force of Rebel Alliance troops or hordes of droids in service of the Seperatist Alliance.
With a range of detailed miniatures from across the franchise's timeline Star Wars: Legion gives players the opportunity to pick their favorite moments from these iconic films and recreate epic battles on the table top in narrative games, or construct your own scenarios in open games.

Whether your an avid Star Wars fan or an enthusiastic gamer Legion's exceptional gameplay mechanics and flawless miniatures ensure that you'll be playing this game for years to come.

In this collection you'll find all of our Star Wars: Legion Miniature expansions for all four armies, check back here for new releases as we're always looking to expand our offering for this exciting tabletop game.

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