Twilight 2000 RPG Starter Set

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Twilight 2000 RPG Starter Set

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Dive into an excellently executed, reimagination of this retro-apocalyptic open world Role Playing Game. Set in the year 2000 amongst the aftermath of a cataclyismic Third World War, Twilight 2000 is a game of survival against the odds that encourages cooperative story telling as players try t rebuild the threads of civilisation from the rubble of a world that was.

What's Inside the Twilight 2000 Starter Set?

  • 1x 152 Page Player's Manual
  • 1x 112 Page Referee's Manual
  • 1x Double Sided Travel Map
  • 15x Custom Engraved Dice
  • 16x Modular Battle Maps
  • 108x Game Tokens
  • 4x Scenario Battle Maps
  • 52x Encounter Cards
  • 10x Initiative Cards
  • 5x Blank Character Sheets

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