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Horus Heresy Narrative Day 3

Event Date: 08-09-2024
Start Time: 9.00


Horus Heresy Narrative Day 3

Our Third Horus Heresy Narrative Day is taking place at Mighty Lancer Games on Sunday 8th September 2024 The event will be starting at 9am, the shop does not open until 10am so please come to the side door (next to Costa) and ring the bell.    3000 points + 750 point reinforcement list (may not be utilised).Set missions to be announced on the day.Sunday 8th September 2024£10 per person9am start  Whats it all about - BackgroundThe Heresy has spread throughout the Galaxy and has arrived at the Decima-6 cluster. This small system comprises seven resource rich planets orbiting the Decima Sextus Yellow Star.  The seven worlds are plentiful in promethium and gas deposits, along with a host of mineral reserves. The Mechanicus of Mars has controlled Decima-6 Prime since the Dark age of Technology and uses the largest planet in the cluster to oversee operations in the system. However the galactic civil war has struck at the heart of the Mechanicus in the region and bitter infighting has left the 7 planets blasted and uncontrolled.  Fleets from both Loyalist and Traitor factions have arrived at the sector in advance of Mechanicus reinforcements and now seek to take control of the resources for their own uses in the ongoing struggle.  This event will form the third stage of the conflict for the 7 worlds and future events will continue the narrative.  What will happen on the day? Once players have arrived, lists have been looked over and the Traitor/Loyalist divide has been established*, we'll allow the teams to nominate a commander who can then assign their team to battlefields and missions as required. The first game should begin around 9.30am and be concluded by 12.30pm. We'll have a 30minute lunchbreak and resume at 1pm, culminating at 4pm for debrief and wrap up.** You'll play two (possibly three depending on time) 3000 point games on the day, with set missions to be outlined on the day.  We have minimal restrictions on force lists for the event: Age of Darkness rules are to be used. Armies must be comprised from official GW rulebooks, or PDF information found on the Warhammer community page and you should have these rules available in physical or digital form on the day. Participants should bring two copies of their army list and submit one to the organiser on the day. Models should be painted and based. Astartes forces should include no more than 3 Contemptor or Leviathan dreadnoughts (1 per 1000 points). Named characters and Primarchs are permitted. This event is designed to be narrative and fun, so your army list should fit a theme and be in character of the legion/army portrayed.  * Depending on the split of Traitor to Loyalist Armies on the day, the organiser may ask players to represent an alternative side, but we hope this will be minimal and allowances to army lists will be made if required. ** If games are faster than this, then we will move the schedule up.