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Mighty Lancer Games is your local gaming store for Bridlington and the surrounding East Yorkshire area!
We host a variety of events in store for families, gaming groups and individuals, from Friday Night Magic and RPG Nights to table top gaming tournaments and group painting sessions! This events board is where you can find and book in for our upcoming events.
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EYBBL Blood Bowl Snotling Spring Cup

Blood Bowl Sevens Snotling Cup

Event Date: 03-03-2024
Start Time: 10:00


EYBBL Blood Bowl Snotling Spring Cup

WHENSunday 3rd March, 10am til 4:30pmTickets are £10 each and include a pair of EYBB D6’s, and a drinks token which is good for any standard sized canned drink from Mighty Lancer Games. There are 16 tickets available.WHEREMighty Lancer Games, 39-43 King Street, Bridlington, YO15 2DNYou will need :Exactly half of a Snotling team box (perfect for splitting a box with a friend!):A team for this event consists of 6 Snotlings, 1 Snotling Fungus Flinga, 1 Snotling Fun-Hoppa, 1 Snotling Stilty Runna, and 1 Snotling Pump Wagon.
Conversions are encouraged! Plus, If you fancy making a team of small statured players (a team of Nurglings for example) to represent your Snotling team then do it!Some Blood Bowl DiceRange rulers, templates and tokensA 7’s PitchRosters will be providedRULESAll of your available players are set up on the pitch at the start of a drive. Players aren’t sent off for rolling a double on a foul - you can still only commit one foul though, even Snotlings have a small appreciation of the rules.Secret weapons are not sent off at the end of the drive. If any player is determined to be stalling at the end of a friendly team turn, as per page 64 of the Blood Bowl Rulebook, then they must roll a D6. On a 2+ the Snotling has an “unfortunate accident”. Make an Injury roll for the stalling player.At the start of each game you may pick one player and give them a primary skill. No player can take the Leader skill, they’re just not that bright.SCORINGThe player with the most Tournament Points will be the winner. In the case of a tie the players will be split using the following tiebreakers, in order of priority:• Bonus Points• Touchdown Difference (Touchdownsscored minus touchdowns conceded)• Touchdowns Scored• Casualties CausedYour opponent for your first game will be randomly determined. Subsequent rounds will be organised using a swiss system, following the above ranking. If you ever find yourself facing off against a player you have faced previously please contact a member of the events team.Tournament Points are awarded as follows:• 2 points for a win• 1 point for a draw• 0 points for a lossBonus Points are earned in each game for meeting the following criteria:• Scoring 3 or more touchdowns – 1 Bonus Point• Conceding 0 touchdowns – 1 Bonus Point• Inflicting 3 or more Casualties – 1 Bonus PointWARM UP MINI GAME! Pump ‘N Race - a Snotling Pump Wagon Racing game!To get everyone in the mood for some Snotling madness, we’ll be warming up with a Pump Wagon racing game. This is just a bit of fun and doesn’t impact the event - except the winner of the race will get a single reroll to use in the event. Use it wisely!TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE10.00 → Registration & Set-Up10:15 - 11:15 → Pump ‘N Race - a Snotling Pump Wagon Racing game!11:15 - 12:45→ Match 112:45 - 13:15 → Lunch Break and “Best Painted Snotling” voting13:15 - 14:45 → Match 214:45 - 16:15 → Match 316:30 → Awards Ceremony PRIZES AND AWARDS1st Place (The Top Snot) → Framed certificate, pair of golden EYBB D6’s, and a gift voucher for Mighty Lancer Games Most Touchdowns → Framed Certificate Most Casualties → Framed Certificate Wooden Spoon → Framed Certificate and a wooden spoon!Best Painted Snotling→ Framed Certificate Everyone → a pair of EYBB D6’s

The Orktober MLG Gorkamorka Campaign

GorkaMorka - Da Big Race

Event Date: 14-12-2023
Start Time: 18.30


GorkaMorka Campaign Banner

  Join us for our latest Gorkamorka campaign at MLG starting on the 5th Orktober at 6.30pm for the inaugural game of the season - Da Big Race! The campaign season will run from Orktober until the New Year and you can join in at any time. There's no sign up fee to join the campaign, just pay to play at the store as usual but we'll track your mobs progress as you play games against our other players and your ladz get 'arder. We'll be kicking off with a big multiplayer race game as the mobs are sent out from Mektown to claim as much scrap as possible and make it back alive, while providing as much entertainment for the watching Mekboyz as you can. What do you need to join in? Enthusiasm and a few models - you'll need around 10 Orks and a vehicle or two that can carry them. If you've never played Gorkamorka before we can teach you how (it's very easy to pick up). The rules are available to download for free, just get in touch and we'll help you find them. House rules for the campaign: 1) Your models must all fit on a vehicle, if they can't be transported they have to stay home. 2) If a model falls off your vehicle while moving it, it takes a S4 hit. 3) If you don't declare, it's always a 6 inch thrust! 4) Only Orks, in the interest of balance, we are only using Da Rules and Da Uvver Book. The Digganob supplement and other articles won't be used this time. Anyone aged 16 or under must be accompanied by a responsible adult.