Pathfinder Battles: Legendary Adventures

The Pathfinder Battles: Legendary Adventures set contains 44* unique miniatures from the Pathfinder RPG universe, including staple adversaries such as Goblins, Kobolds, Orcs and Bugbears, as well as a Dragon, Boar Demon, Giants and an immense Dragon Turtle. 

These pre-painted miniatures are ideal for the DM that needs to populate a scenario and may not want to paint figures themselves, or for a miniature painter that is looking for some new sculpt options as all these figures could be repainted very easily.

Each Booster pack contains 4 miniatures including 1 huge or large figure, and 3 small or medium figures.

A Booster Brick contains 8 sealed booster packs.

MIghty Lancer Games now offer figures from this set as single figures so you can purchase the miniatures you require if you would prefer not to open a 'blind' product.