Untold Encounters of the Random Kind


Untold Encounters of the Random Kind

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A wonderful and extremely useful tool for Dungeon Masters, this hard backed tome provides GMs with a harvest of ideas for engaging Random Encounters for your fantasy Role Playing Game Campaigns.
Boasting over 1000 Random Encounters this excellent companion book is designed not only to provide you with pre-generated ideas for challenging in game encounters but also help get the creative juices flowing, to expand on existing ideas to make them unique to your setting and ultimately help DMs think on the fly and provide varied gameplay situations without disrupting the flow of the game.

The contents of this book are designed to add additional content to your existing RPG system and does not provide base rules of it's own.

  • 5E Compatible
  • Over 1000 Encounters
  • Six 5E Mini Adventures
  • Works With Any Tabletop RPG

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