Loyalty Card Scheme

We have introduced a new loyalty card scheme in store at Mighty Lancer Games, here's the information you may need to know about how this glorious scheme works:

  • The card is only for in store purchases. You can only get a loyalty card by coming into the Mighty Lancer Games Store at 39-43 King Street, Bridlington, YO15 2DN.
  • You will receive a stamp for each full £10 spent in a single transaction, up to a maximum of 10 stamps, which will be a complete card. (Example: if you spent £9.99, you will not receive a stamp. If you spend £110 or more, you will get 10 stamps maximum).
  • Once you have a complete card, you may redeem the card against your next order for a £10 discount. 
  • The card cannot be combined with any other offer or discount such as a club discount or multi-buy offer. (Example: you may have a discount code for 10% off, you cannot combine that discount with the £10 off for a completed card).
  • Only one card may be redeemed per transaction.
  • If you use a completed card as part payment for an order, you will not be eligible for stamps for that transaction.
  • Stamps cannot be redeemed against a transaction in which they are earned. (Example: you have a card with 9 stamps, you want to purchase an item worth £25, you would earn a stamp to complete the card from the transaction, you may not redeem the completed card against the same order, but can use it on your next purchase).
  • Only genuine cards will be accepted.
  • Acceptance and issue of a card or stamp is at the discretion of Mighty Lancer Games LTD.