Battlefield - Terrain Crate (MGTC123)


Battlefield - Terrain Crate (MGTC123)

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Perfect for any fantasy tabletop wargame, this set includes loads of fences, hedges and walls to block charges and provide cover. There’s also a great campsite to create a diorama or central objective.


  • 2x Brown Hedges
  • 4x Brown Fences
  • 2x Brown Fences with Gates
  • 2x Brown Signposts
  • 2x Brown Sets of Pikes
  • 2x Brown Tents
  • 2x Brown Sleeping Rolls
  • 1x Brown Campfire
  • 1x Brown Spit
  • 1x Brown Cooking Pot
  • 1x Brown Pile of Supplies
  • 1x Brown Chopping Block
  • 3x Grey Stone Walls
  • 1x Grey Stone Half-Wall
  • 1x Grey Gate
  • 4x Grey Fenceposts

Please note: Scenery is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

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