Stargrave Bold Endeavour Supplement (Paperback)

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Stargrave Bold Endeavour Supplement (Paperback)

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This supplement for Stargrave specifically covers the ships used by the crews as their means of transportation, strategic bases, and living spaces. It introduces new upgrades and a damage system, as well as guidelines for crew assignments in areas such as piloting, gunnery, and navigation. In addition, there are new abilities, soldiers, technology, and backgrounds for captains and first mates to enhance their crews. The book also features rules for encounters in space, including dangerous and potentially lucrative situations, and five unique scenarios that involve encounters with bizarre alien species and other perilous risks in strange and fantastical locations, ranging from uncharted planets to the depths of the universe. 

Just beyond the rim of what was once 'civilized space' lies the vast, colourful expanse of the Crokoan Nebula. Seeking their fortunes, bold independent crews press deep into this largely unexplored sector. But the Ravaged Galaxy is a dangerous place, and the threats that crews face are not limited to those found on a planet's surface. In fact, more independent crews meet their ends in the dark void of space than are wiped out in gunfights. Black holes, asteroid fields, and even the legendary space kraken can all destroy a ship and its crew. It takes a deft hand on the controls, a sharp eye on navigation, and a bit of wizardry with the engines to fly between the stars.


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