Za Khor (Jungle Lord) - Savage Core

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Za Khor (Jungle Lord) - Savage Core

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Za Khor - The Beastlord, originally from Gothenburg, was orphaned many years ago, when his parents were buried in a mountainous snowdrift. Za Khor survived by slipping through an icy fault in the Earth's crust, taken by the scree and ending up, somehow, in the Core.

The name Za Khor is his own infantile interpretation of his actual name, but this is lost to his memory. He is a legendary survivor, having been able to intuitively communicate with many of the beasts from the Core. Not all, of course, but he has been known to influence the behaviour of even some great reptiles for a short while. His arrival and keening call often heralds defections throughout the tribes of the Core, compelled as they seem, to be aiding Za Khor in some unknown cause.

Model supplied unassembled and unpainted

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