Reapercon Dungeoneer Sophie - Reaper Legends 30090


Reapercon Dungeoneer Sophie - Reaper Legends 30090

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Reaper Miniatures Reaper Legends Dungeoneer Sophie from Reapercon 2022, sculpted by Bobby Jackson, is a female miniature for your rpg and other tabletop games, showcasing Reaper Miniatures mascot Sophie the Succubus as a dungeoneer.

Approximately W 50mm, H 65mm, D 26mm  

This miniature is created using the Bones USA injection process making the miniature durable and ready to paint from the package (we do recommend you wash the miniature in warm soapy water and dry before painting). 

Reaper Legends are:
Made with the Bones USA Injection Process
Fantastic surfaces and detail
25mm Heroic Scale multi-genre Miniatures as well as hobby accessories
Integral (attached) and slotted bases (see individual descriptions)
Unpainted plastic models
Mid-grey colour makes details easy to see
Durable and ready to paint right out of the package

Provided unpainted and may require assembly.

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