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Pigment TITANIUM WHITE-1771- Green Stuff World

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Pigment TITANIUM WHITE-1771- Green Stuff World

Natural earthy pigments for modelers are available in many varying colours for a wide variety of distinctive weathering effects for your models including dust, rust, oil marks and mud. Apply directly over the model, diorama, scale tank, plane, model railway, or wargaming terrain using a pigment fixer for them to stay permanently.


These pigments can be applied either dry or wet depending on what you want to achieve. Mix them with GSW Acrylic Pigment Fixer or Mud Effect to apply them wet. If you decide to apply the pigments dry you can later fix them with either Acrylic Pigment Fixer. Other pigment fixers in the market, such as White Spirit or non-acrylic fixers, also works with GSW pigments, but they are less recommended due to their strong smell and toxicity.

These pigments are non-toxic, but you should avoid inhaling the dust.

Contents: 1 bottle of 30ml.

**Any scenery, miniatures or bases shown are for example only.**

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