LVT-2 / LVT (A)-2 Water Buffalo - United States (Rubicon 280067)

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LVT-2 / LVT (A)-2 Water Buffalo - United States (Rubicon 280067)

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The Landing Vehicle Tracked (LVT) is an amphibious warfare vehicle and amphibious landing craft introduced by the US Navy. LVT's were used by the US Marine Corps. US Army, Canadians, Australian and British armies during ww2. 
The LVT-2 / LVT (A)-2 was an armoured version of the LVT-2 with additional armour plating to the driver's cab and the rest of the hull. By 1944, shields were added to protect the front gunners. 450 units were produced.
This is a 1/56 scale model and requires assembly, gluing and painting.
Paint and glue is not supplied.

Plastic Kit - ABS Cement Required.

MLG Recommends Tamiya Extra Thin Cement

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