Germanic Warriors 100 Bc to 200AD:


Germanic Warriors - 100BC to 200AD (Victrix VXA039)

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This set contains 60 exceptionally detailed 28mm hard plastic Germanic Warriors, as well as numerous additional parts which allow you to pick and choose over a hundred different combinations when building your figures.

The heads have been designed to capture the fierce look and fighting style of these northern European warriors. Thankfully, there’s no need to go to Elysium when you can recreate Rome’s final battle against the Germanic tribes with this superb set.

60 figure set

  • 6 x Germanic Warrior Main Frame
  • 2 x Germanic Warrior Command Frame
  • 14 x Body options (armoured and unarmoured)
  • 15 x Head options (styles included are typically Germanic top knots and Swabian knots)
  • 14 x Shield options (fully supported by a range of shield transfers from LBMS)
  • 10 x Javelins
  • 7 x Spears
  • 2 x Germanic Horns
  • 4 x Standard Poles, each with different totems
  • 9 x Unsheathed Swords
  • 2 x Axes
  • 2 x Clubs

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