Panzer IV Ausf F / F2 / G / H:

Rubicon Models

German Panzer IV Ausf F / F2 / G / H (SdKfz 161) (Rubicon Models)

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£16.20 £18.00 rrp

  •  Options to build an Ausf F, F2, G, or H
  • All hatches can be open or closed
  • Extra appliqué armor options for the Ausf F
  • Optional schürzen spaced armour skirts for Ausf G / H
  • Special “jig” to aid schürzen assembly
  • Two tank crew figures included
  • Number of Parts: 135 pieces / 5 sprues

Plastic Kit - ABS Cement Required.

MLG Recommends Tamiya Extra Thin Cement

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