German Elefant Heavy Tank Destroyer - Tamiya (1/48) Scale


German Elefant Heavy Tank Destroyer - Tamiya (1/48) Scale

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This high quality assembly model kit from Tamiya builds a beautifully accurate scale model of the German Elefant Heavy Tank Destroyer at 1:48 scale. The large destroyer was commissioned from otherwise unused Porsche chassis that were intended as the primary design for the Tiger 1, fitted with an immense long-calibre 8.8cm gun, the Elefant could punch holes through enemy armour with ease.

• 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 172mm, width: 71mm.
• The form of the Elefant is captured in detailed 1/48 scale, including depictions of the 8.8cm Pak 43 L/71 gun.
• The large, boxy superstructure is authentically recreated, right down to its parts breakdown, which is based upon the jigsaw type plate joints of that on the real thing.
• Assembly type tracks use single-piece straight sections. • Weights are included for installation in the hull, giving the model an authentically heavy feel.
• Includes 1 figure to depict a commander in the cupola surveying the scene in front of him.
• Includes 1 marking option recreating a 653rd Heavy Anti-Tank Battalion Elefant on the Italian Front, 1944.

Models supplied unpainted and require assembly.

Glue and paint not included.

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