Gamegenic Deck Holder 100+ Clear


Gamegenic Deck Holder 100+ Clear

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Gamegenic's classic top loading deck boxes are designed to keep your decks and trading card collections safe from wear and marking, with a sturdy weldedd design and secure, deep flip top. The 100+ design box is perfect for Magic the Gathering Commander decks as well as constructed decks with a sideboard and plenty of tokens.

  • Designed to hold 100 double-sleeved cards*
  • Self Locking Lid
  • Write-on Strip
  • Cobra Neck Technology. Flap Closure can Be Opened Up To 180° For Easy Access To Your Deck
  • Includes FLEX Card Divide For Seperating Cards
  • Strong Weld Points
  • Acid Free, No PVC

*Optimised for Gamegenic Sleeves


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