Frostgrave - The Wraith of Malcor & Advisory Council (FGV412)

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Frostgrave - The Wraith of Malcor & Advisory Council (FGV412)

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FGV412 - The Wraith of Malcor & Advisory Council

Frostgrave Bestiary Characters.

By the cataclysm, Malcor had served as Headmaster of the Collegium for a record 137 years. He was incredibly old, even for a wizard, and most accounts also held that he was completely mad. Despite this, the Collegium somehow continued to function. It will likely never be known exactly when Malcor became a wraith, but what is almost certain is that he is bound to the Collegium, and some part of him will probably haunt its halls even if his wraith form is destroyed. At the time that the cataclysm struck, Malcor was directly assisted by three senior members of his staff whom he labelled his ‘Advisory Council’. Most people saw these three ancient administrators as a trio of toadying yes-men. When Malcor awoke in his new undead form, one of his first acts was to bring back his advisors as a group of wraiths. While these wraiths are capable of independent thought and action, they almost always accompany Malcor and will respond instantly to any of his commands. In fact, such is their devotion to their headmaster that they are immune to Control Undead or any form of Mind Control.

28mm sized figures, made of pewter, supplied unpainted.

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