Frostgrave - Spiritualist & Apprentice [FGV129]

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Frostgrave - Spiritualist & Apprentice [FGV129]

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FGV129 - Spiritualist & Apprentice

Frostgrave Wizards.

Spiritualists see beyond this reality into the next. Unlike Necromancers who generally deal with corpses, bones, and other earthly remains, Spiritualists are interested in the souls of the deceased. They can speak with the dead, call upon ghosts, and send spirits to haunt their enemies. Spiritualists can often be identified by their eyes, which slowly turn pure white the more they practice their magic. They tend to wear thin, light robes that flutter in the slightest breeze, and long, tight gloves. In battle, Spiritualists favour smaller weapons, generally razor sharp blades.

Two 28mm sized pewter figures, supplied unpainted.

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