Frostgrave - Banshee & Bog Man [FGV332]

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Frostgrave - Banshee & Bog Man [FGV332]

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FGV332 - Banshee & Bog Man

Banshees are the ethereal spirits of women who have suffered some great wrong in their lifetime and are unable to fully escape this plane of existence. While Banshees will never willingly attack a living creature directly, their constant, soulshattering wail can harm and even kill the living.

A rare form of undead only found in soft bogs, bog men are essentially bags of flesh filled with peat, dirt, and marsh gas. They have no skeletons and flap and flop in an unsettling manner as they walk. For a while, it was quite the rage in necromantic circles to attempt to discover the process of creating a bog man – the theory being that removing the skeleton from the skin, then animating both, would maximise the potential of a necromancer’s raw materials. As it turned out, no one mastered the process, and the attempts petered out.

Two 28mm sized pewter figures, supplied unpainted.

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