Frostgrave - Acrisbird(FGV331)

North Star

Frostgrave - Acrisbird (FGV331)

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Two minor demons you can summon to join your warband as described in Forgotten Pacts, the Frostgrave supplement book.

28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted.

This six-foot tall flightless bird resembles a mangy combination of an ostrich and
a vulture. Originally from the southern islands, in their natural habitat these birds
are generally peaceful and pass their days eating large bugs and small lizards.
Unfortunately, the acrisbirds that have survived the thousand-year imprisonment
in the Collegium have had to find new food sources to survive and have, from
generation to generation, become indiscriminate carnivores and brutal hunters.

Suitable for use with 28mm sized figures, made of pewter, supplied unpainted.

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