Friday Night Magic

MTG Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Draft

Event Date: 23-07-2021

Start Time: 18:30

Come down to Friday Night Magic on the 6th August and join our friendly group of Magic the Gathering players for a Pauper Cube Draft, either rotisserie or standard draft, to be decided by the players prior to the event.

What do i need to bring?
Just your mask! As this is a cube event, your cards/deck will be borrowed from the set during the event, you don't even need sleeves, of course we are still observing Covid-19 safety guidelines so bring your trusty mask with you.

What time is the event?
18:30 'till late! FNM and deck construction officially kicks off at 18:30 with games starting at 19:00 we recommend arriving 15-20 minutes early to get everybody signed up and sat down before we start.
if you've never been before, head to the side door next to Costa Coffee when you get here.


£4.00 Per Person

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