Dungeon Adventures Dungeon Villains Miniatures

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Dungeon Adventures Dungeon Villains Miniatures

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The Dungeon Adventures Dungeon Villains boxed set is a characterful selection of RPG gaming miniatures that are beautifully sculpted with tonnes of details that help bring them to life at your tabletop. A fantastic selection of notable characters, these minis make for excellent bosses for your dungeons as well as disconcerting NPCs that may-or-may-not be on the level with your adventuring party.
The set includes
1x Fallen Cleric
1x Necromancer
1x Orc Cheiftain
1x Naiad Stalker
1x Ogre Pirate
1x Goblin King
1x Goodest Boy (Rabid Mawpup)

**Miniatures are supplied unassembled & unpainted, images are for demonstration purposes only.

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