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A storytelling game like nothing you’ve seen before! In Co-Mix. players craft their stories by laying out several cards to create a full blown comic book page.

Up to ten people can join in on the fun, playing individually or in teams. Each player chooses the kind of story to tell – noir, horror, adventure, romance, and if it will be funny, scary, exciting, moving. All players must create the story based on the same title - the best stories will be voted by the other players.

The game features a rich and varied set of cards, representing different panels of a comic book. Cards are laid out to create a complete comic book page following the proposed title. Each card shows an inspirational illustration, with a varied set of characters, actions and settings.

When all comic pages are ready, each player or team tells his own story, then the stories are voted by the other players, using voting tokens to indicate which story they think is the most original, most exciting or best composed.


5 Comic Page boards, 150 Panel cards, 50 Review tokens, 10 Character tokens, 10 Score tokens and 21 Slow tokens, 1 sand timer (90 seconds), 1 rulebook

  • Players: 3 to 10
  • Playing Time: 30 Minutes
  • Ages: 8+

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