British Highlanders & Riflemen - Epic Battles Waterloo

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British Highlanders & Riflemen - Epic Battles Waterloo

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Add the three hardy Highlander regiments to your British forces for Black Powder's Epic Waterloo Campaign tabletop wargame. Having earned a reputation for dogged fighting throughout the peninsular campaign the 42nd 'Black Watch', the 79th Cameron Highlanders and the 92nd Gordon Highlanders, these three regiments were famously fielded at the battle of waterloo and with this boxed set, you can too.

What's Inside the Black Powder Epic Waterloo Campaign British Highlanders & Riflemen?

  • 3 x Highlander Regiments of 80 Men each
  • 3 x Mounted Brigade Commanders
  • 24 x Skirmishing 95th Rifles
  • 3 x Royal Artillery 5.5” Howitzers
  • 1 x Full-colour Napoleonic British flag leaflet

*Supplied unassembled & unpainted, images are for demonstration purposes only.

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