Bloodborne: The Board Game


Bloodborne: The Board Game

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The Blood Mood rises into the night sky, pushing the city of Yharnam into madness and chaos. Bloodborne is a dark, fast paced, decision driven and challenging cooperative game for one to four players who take on the four campaigns and fight the beats to survive the night discovering more of the story and growing skills are you go. This board game is based on the video game by Sony and is a PlayStation licensed product. 


37 miniatures

4 counter bases

1 hunt board

20 map tiles

4 hunter dashboards

4 trick weapon dashboards

11 firearm cards 

108 stat cards 

61 consumable & reward cards 

75 enemy & boss cards 

250 campaign cards 

4 player aid cards 

109 tokens


A board game with miniatures for 1-4 players, ages 14+ with an average play time of 60-90 minutes 

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