In the kingdom of Spamootail, humans, pixies, goblins, elves, dwarves, and fairies all live in perfect harmony—until the summer solstice. On that day, precious life stones appear on giant mushrooms near the small town of Crossing. Every year, each race sends a representative to Crossing to collect as many life stones as possible. The stones are so desirable that sharing is impossible, and those who normally live together peacefully squabble and even steal from each other. 

Crossing is a fanciful and fast game for three to six players. It plays through in only fifteen minutes and is well-suited to families and younger gamers. Each player represents one of Spamootail’s six races and competes with the others to collect as many life stones as possible from the mushrooms as they sprout. Players all act simultaneously, with points awarded for both the number and the variety of stones collected. When all the life stones have sprouted, marking the sunset on the day of the solstice, players have one last chance to seize them before the game ends.