Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Speed Duel Battle City Box


Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duel Battle City Box

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Are you ready to experience the fantastic Battle City tournament with up to 7 of your friends? Take a look at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Speed Duel: Battle City Box. Contains what you need to get started with Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game.

You can decide how you play, whether its draft the card pool between your friends or keep strategies together with a static pool of 200 cards its up to you. 

This Speed Duel Battle City Box contains 8 complete ready to play decks

Contents: 200 Common Cards, 20 Skill Cards, 8 (of 24) Secret Rare Cards, 4 Yugi Deluxe Game Mats & 4 Kaiba Deluxe Game Mats With Skill Cards for many legendary Duellists from the anime, you can Duel as some of your favourite characters channel your inner Rare Hunter and upgrade some of the most iconic cards in Duelling history.

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