Terrain Crate Bellevue Square (Kickstarter Edition) - KSTC111


Terrain Crate Bellevue Square (Kickstarter Edition) - KSTC111

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Bellevue Square - Kickstarter Edition

The sound of laughter and conversation floats through the Bellevue Square. Children play in the park, chasing the ducks and squirrels. Lovers sit outside the café, admiring the statue of Lord Bleakwood before visiting the store for supplies, carefully wrapped in brown paper. Once finished they return home to their cosy cottage. No one talks about the Bellvue Hospital. Or the screams they hear from the grounds at night. Bellvue is a nice place. A quiet place. A pleasant place.

The Bellevue Square Crate contains: Market Day, Bellevue Hospital, Cosy Cottage and Peaceful Park sets.

Scenery supplied assembled and unpainted.

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