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Scythe - Stonemaier Games

Stonemaier Games

Scythe - Stonemaier Games

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Scythe is an engine-building, asymmetric, competitive board game set in an alternate-history 1920s period. It is a time of farming and war, broken hearts and rusted gears, innovation and valor.

1-5 Players


2 Rulebooks (Regular & Automa)

Quick refrence guide, achivment sheet, game board, player mats, 80 wooden resource tokens, 80 cardboard coins, 12 cardboard multipler tokens, 12 encounter tokens, 6 structure bonus tiles, 42 combat cards, 23 objective cards, 28 encounter cards, 12 factory cards, 2 power dials, 5 Riverwalk cards, 5 quick start cards, 31 Automa cards, 20 mech minatures, 5 character miniatuers, 5 faction mats, 5 custom wooden action tokens, 5 custom wooden popularity tokens, 5 custom power tokens, 30 custom wooden star tokens, 20 custom wooden structure tokens, 20 custom wooden recruit tokens, 40 custom wooden worker tokens, 30 wooden technology cubes.

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