Scav Expansion - S.L.A  Cannibal Sector 1

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Scav Expansion - S.L.A Cannibal Sector 1

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While all Scavs pose a significant threat, those who equip themselves with some of the more heavily modified equipment are the ones to fear the most.

The Sniper is a Polevik strain of Vodyanoy. They the most patient, quiet and robotic of all the Poleviks, whose sole purpose pick off the enemies of the Vodyanoy at long range. They have physically adapted themselves for the craft of assassination, and can sit motionless and awake for days, even weeks at a time, slowing their heart rate and bodily functions down to a mere crawl.

This set includes 1 Scav Sniper, 1 Scav Scrounger with a Flamer and 1 Scav Marauder, ideal for expanding your Scav patrol.

Includes 3 multipart resin miniatures with plastic bases and a Character Statcard.

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