Savage Worlds: Double Spiral War (Traveller RPG Setting)

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Savage Worlds: Double Spiral War (Traveller RPG Setting)

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When mankind left behind their old home to seek out new lands beyond the dark spaces between galaxies, they hoped to leave behind the conflict and chaos that has been their heritage.

Yet, even amongst alien species, mankind still found cause to war amongst itself. Several decades before, the Sondak Confederacy, worried about the growing power of the United Central Systems, launched a war that waged for years, tearing at both societies! And in the churning wake of these two warring giants, all the races of the galaxy are turned upside down!

Based on The Double Spiral War, Warren Norwood's chronicle of interstellar combat on a vast cosmic scale, this setting book for the Savage Worlds system is your chance to make a difference in the war.

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