Savage Core: Jaguar Tribe Pack 2 (3 figs)

Warlord Games and Lucid Eye

Savage Core: Jaguar Tribe Pack 2 (3 figs)

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Primitive tribes of wicked humans pour from the Southern Jungles, presenting a fearful sight. Mis-shapen heads from rituals of infant binding, painted teeth filed to sharp points, scarring, tattoos and body paint all serve to turn any onlookers' blood to ice. Tall tales of the savage jaguar-men feasting on the beating hearts of their enemies only serves to add to the terror.

The sharp weapons of the Jaguar men are crudely fashioned from black glass spewed from the mouth of Fire Mountain, or from the dense wood of the jungle trees of their forest home. They charge into battle striking further fear into the thumping hearts of enemies with blood - curdling war cries and tribal death - whistles.

Model supplied unassembled and unpainted

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