Necromunda Hive War

Games Workshop

Necromunda Hive War

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A perfect introduction to the Necromunda tabletop war game from Games Workshop, Hive War features all the rules and two gangs of miniatures to get you playing Games of Necromunda right away (with a little assembly of course!)

What's Inside Necromunda: Hive War?

  • 10x Escher Gang Miniatures
  • 10x Delaque Gang Miniatures
  • 1x Necromunda Rule Book
  • 11x Zone Mortalis Columns & Walls
  • 25x Barricades & Objectives
  • 16x Game Dice
  • 44x Reference Cards
  • 3x Blast Templates
  • 1x Gaming Mat
  • 1x Sheet of Game Tokens

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