NALOG WATCHTOWER RUIN - Ziterdes - 12009


NALOG WATCHTOWER RUIN - Ziterdes - 12009

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With the breakthroughs and the pillars, it can also be used as a weather tip for Lord of the Rings fans and perfectly complemented by statues. Even if you use the watchtower ruin for other tabletop scenarios with other characters, one thing is clear - it turns your gaming table into a special place. The type and shape of the building is representative of the "where" of the event - the battle. So, the more characteristic the buildings on your gaming table are, the more impressive the overall impression, the more varied, varied and colourful the game. By the way: In addition to the function as obstacles, buildings also represent very good mission goals.

This model is made of hard foam so is very stable, lightweight and easy to paint.

This product can be used on 25-28mm gaming layouts.



Length: 350mm

Width: 320mm

Height: 140mm


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