Mortal Gods Sparta Set - War Banner


Mortal Gods Sparta Set - War Banner

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This Starter Set for the War Banner game system includes everything you need to field a Lochos of hardened spartan Warriors.

  • Meonas the Harvester, of Sparta (Metal Miniature)
  • Spartan Hoplite (Metal Miniature)
  • Spartan Medium Hoplite (Metal Miniature)
  • 8x Spartan Heavy Hoplites
  • 8x Medium Hoplites
  • 19x Metal Spartan 'Lambda' Shields
  • Bases For The Above Miniatures
  • RWar Banner Rules for Spartan Forces
  • Spartan Reference Sheet
  • 24x Spartan Reference Cards
  • 5x Spartan Gift Cards
  • 3x Spartan Omen Cards
  • 7x Damage Dice

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