M5 Stuart Light Tank - Bolt Action

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M5 Stuart Light Tank - United States (Bolt Action)

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Giving you more options for your Bolt Action tabletop miniatures wargames this kit can be built to be either an M5 Stuart, M5A1 Stuart or an E7-7 Mechanised Flamethrower also being suitable for an array of Bolt Action armies including British, US, Soviet and Chinese.

For mid to late WW11

1 x 1/56th scale hard plastic tank

Supplied unpainted and requires assembly. Any painted illustrations are for reference only. You will require equipment, paints and glue that are not provided 


  • 1 plastic M5 Stuart Light Tank with variant options 
  • Bolt Action Stat Cards 
  • Waterslide decal sheet 
  • Damage markers 

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