Pike & Shotte Landsknecht Starter Army

Warlord Games

Landsknecht Starter Army (Pike & Shotte)

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Raise an army of mercinaries capable of dealing with any foe. The Landsknecht Starter Army is designed to get players on the table top playing games of Warlord Games' Pike & Shotte Wargame system in no time, inside you'll find a versatile army of european mercenaries with assembly options to suit your play style.
What's Inside the Pike & Shotte Landsknecht Starter Army?
  • 96 Plastic Landsknecht Pikemen with command options
  • 24 Plastic Landsknechts with Zweihanders
  • 24 Plastic Ladsknechts with Crossbows or arquebus
  • 4 Metal Officers
  • Metal Handbusche Light Gun & Crew
  • Full Colour Flag Sheet
  • Plastic Bases
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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