Judge Dredd -Denizens of Mega-City One

Warlord Games

Judge Dredd - Denizens of Mega-City One

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Representing some of the 2000AD Universe's more memorable 'civilians' this boxed set for Warlord Games' Judge Dredd Table Top Miniatures game system contains 5 chracterful resin miniatures to expand your adventures in the Judge Dredd universe.

Each box contains 5 Resin Miniatures depicting; Homer Blint, Oola Blint Angel of Mercy, Karl Raider an East Meg Agend and an Armed Futsie. Additional the set contains plastic bases for your miniatures, 4 Character Cards, 1 Armoury Card: Man Trap & 1 Big Meg Card: Futsie.

    Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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