Hero Quest Kellar's Keep Quest Pack

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Hero Quest Kellar's Keep Quest Pack

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Kellar's Keep Quest Pack is an expansion for the Hero Quest Game System and will need a copy of the base game to play.

The Kellar's Keep Quest Pack for Hero Quest takes your legendary heroes on yet another epic adventure, to find and rescue the King himself from a subterranean vault, nestled deep within the confines of a dark fortress.
Our heroes must battle their way through winding corridors in search of the fragmented map that will lead them to the desperate royal in time to save him.

What's Inside the Kellar's Keep Quest Pack for Hero Quest?

  • 1x Quest Book
  • 17x Miniatures (8 Orcs, 6 Goblins, 3 Abominations)
  • 1x Cardboard Tile Sheet
  • 2x Dungeon Doors
  • 14x Game Cards

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