Hero Quest Game System

Avalon Hill

Hero Quest Game System

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The classic fantasy quest is back and better than ever with the new Hero Quest Game System boxed set, containing everything your play group needs to embark on an epic RPG adventure.
Work as a group to track down and defeat the evil Sorcerer Zargon and complete this fabled quest, to do so you will need to navigate this deadly labyrinth, do battle with a horde of dangerous monsters and gather legendary treasures.
Players can choose one of four playable character classes; a Powerful Wizard, a Nimble Elf, Master of Sword & Spell, a Resilient Dwarf fighter or a Mighty Barbarian Warrior, each of which has included their own scale miniature and character card.

What's Inside the Hero Quest Game System

  • 1x Full Colour Game Board
  • 31x Monster Miniatures
  • 4x Hero Miniatures
  • 15x Furniture Pieces
  • 1-x Skull Pieces
  • 4x Plastic Rat Pieces
  • 21x Dungeon Doors
  • 93x Game Cards
  • 4x Turn Order Cards
  • 1x Set of Cardboard Tiles
  • 1x Quest Book
  • 4x Character Cards
  • 1x Game Master's Screen
  • 1x Pad of Character Sheets
  • 6x White Combat Dice
  • 2x Red D6
  • 1x Rulebook

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