Half-Giant with Horned Helmet - SpellCrow - SPCH1003


Half-Giant with Horned Helmet - SpellCrow - SPCH1003

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Half-Giant with horned helmet from Spellcrow for your gaming table comes with two choices of weapons, either an axe and shield or club the choice is yours. This fantastic miniature is approximately 50mm in height and will look great on your fantasy table or RPG setting.

Design: Tommaso Lucchetti
Sculpting: Raffaele Stumpo, Piotr Pirianowicz

28mm scale

1 x Resin miniature

Provided unpainted and may require assembly, some clean up and removal of mould lines or flash. These miniatures do not come with the cobblestone effect bases. Any painted miniatures or scenic bases shown are for illustration purposes only.

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