Frostgrave - Astromancer & Apprentice [FGV125]

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Frostgrave - Astromancer & Apprentice [FGV125]

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FGV125 - Astromancer & Apprentice

Frostgrave Wizards.

Astromancers draw their magical powers from the positions of the heavenly bodies and have learned how to use the various alignments and conjunctions of planets and stars to affect reality. They combine the precise nature of Sigilists with the raw power of Elementalists. Astromancers tend to wear heavy robes, adorned with astromantic symbols, and typically spend so long gazing towards the stars that they forget about day-to-day life, letting their hair grow long, barely eating, and washing infrequently. They will almost certainly be found carrying a telescope, sextant, and charts of various types.

Two 28mm sized pewter figures, supplied unpainted.

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