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Flutterstop Giftshop Savage Domain - TT Combat - 094

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A fantastic building for your tabletop games, this Castle Town Tower and Flutterstop Giftshop can add interest and height to your gaming table. Position as you wish on your table and let the adventure begin. 

For your 28-32mm scale games and miniatures.  

3mm MDF and 1mm greyboard

1 x Giftshop


Tower W 100mm D 100mm H 278mm

Shop W 138mm D 175mm H 185mm

Walkway One W 31mm D 106mm H 75mm

Walkway Two W 56mm D 56mm H 75mm

It is recommended to use PVA glue for best results when assembling. 

Provided unassembled and unpainted. Any painted images are for example only. Miniatures, scenery, mats etc not included. Any miniatures, scenery, mats etc shown are for scale reference only. 

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