Early Imperial Roman Auxiliary Infantry - Victrix - VXA028


Early Imperial Roman Auxiliary Infantry - Victrix - VXA028

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Assemble a large unit of Auxiliary Roman Infantry for your wargame of choice with this incredibly detailed kit from Victrix. Providing a total of 24 infantry miniatures, this set includes a myriad of assembly options, from weapon choices to fur cloaks and specialised command members.

Contains 24 Miniatures Total;

  • 21 x Auxiliaries
  • 3 x Command
  • 18 x Head options
  • 6 x Body options
  • 1 x Standard bearer
  • 24 x Cloaks/Animal furs
  • 24 x Shields
  • 31 x Unsheathed Swords
  • 112 x Javelins/Spears
  • 14 x Severed Heads
  • 7 x Flaming Torches
  • 1 x Trumpet
  • 1 x Club

28mm hard plastic multipose miniatures 

Provided unpainted and requires assembly. Bases not included and any bases, material or basing material shown are for illustration purposes only.

Provided in the manufacturers retail bag packaging. 

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