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Dobble Waterproof

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Dobble is a fantastic game for all ages (this version is for ages 6+), great for Christmas, Birthdays, holidays and now the beach! That's right with Dobble Waterproof you can now play Dobble on the beach, by the pool or even in the rain if you wanted to. In a handy storage tin Dobble really is a awesome game and one of Mighty Lancer Games family favourites. Find other versions HERE

A game of fast reaction and visual perception promoting hand eye co ordination and reflexes with fun. Dobble enables all ages to participate as there is no advantage to being an adult Vs child in this game making it perfect for family games night. 

Dobble is a card game in which each one of the 55 round cards have symbols on them and each player must find the matching symbol before the other players. There is always one matching symbol on each card but each card is unique and that one symbol can be hard to find due to its size and positioning. 

For ages 6+

Average game time 15 minutes 

For 2-8 players 


1 rulebook

1 tin containing 55 cards 

1 bag

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