British Heavy Cavalry Brigade - Epic Battles Waterloo

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British Heavy Cavalry Brigade - Epic Battles Waterloo

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For players fielding Wellington's British forces in Black Powder Epic Battles Waterloo Campaign games, this boxed set provides a full Brigade of deadly Heavy Cavalry riders for the British Army. The set includes enough plastic miniatures to assemble a complete Brigade of three British Heavy Cavalry Regiments (two bases of Royal Scots Greys, three bases of Household Cavalry and six bases of Heavy Dragoons) Plus a 3-Gun battery of Royal Horse Artillery 6 Pounders.

What's Inside the Epic Waterloo Campaign British Heavy Cavalry Brigade?

  • 3x Epic Battles: Napoleonic British Heavy Cavalry Plastic Sprues
  • 3x Epic Battles: Plastic Base Sprues

*Supplied unassembled & unpainted, images are for demonstration purposes only.


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