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Agricola Expansion For 5 & 6 Players - MFG3516

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Agricola is a Euro-style worker placement board game with a focus on resource management as players tend to their farms and the land. Agricola Expansion For 5 & 6 Players allows you to add in that fifth and sixth player giving additional wooden and cardboard pieces and 48 new occupation cards specifically designed for games with 5 or more players, as well as eight additional major improvement cards and a two sided game board extension with new action spaces for five and six players.



1 Game board expansion 

2 Player boards 

6 Wood Room/Field Tiles 

8 Clay/stone room tiles 

4 Food tokens

10 '5 food' tokens 

8 Resource tiles

60 Cards

66 Wooden parts

1 Score pad

1 Rule book

You will need the base game of Agricola (HERE) to use this expansion 

5-6 players

ages 12+

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