24950: CAV: Strike Operations Hardcover Rulebook


24950: CAV: Strike Operations Hardcover Rulebook

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24950: CAV: Strike Operations Hardcover Rulebook

144 pages, full color

 CAV: Strike Operations are

• N-Scale Mecha Combat Miniatures • Integral Bases - Most include an additional Hex Base for gameplay

• Unpainted metal models that may require assembly

• Huge selection of CAVs, Tanks, Artillery and Soldiers for all of your 23rd century combat needs!

CAV: Strike Operations is an all-new version of the classic mecha combat game by Reaper Miniatures and developed by Talon Games. Set in the 23rd century, CAV: Strike Operations brings the action as mighty star nations clash throughout the galaxy for ultimate control, the bulk of their fighting forces made up of the mighty CAVs and their elite pilots! The CAV: Strike Operations rulebook is a stand-alone game system that includes all of the rules needed to play and requires no additional books. Featuring Reaper Miniatures' innovative Damage Track system, CAV: Strike Operations allows for fast play and an easy to learn rule system that both novice and experienced players alike are sure to enjoy hours of endless play! In addition, CAV: Strike Operations provides a complete construction system that allows players to design their own custom models, as well as modifying existing designs to their own specifications. 144 pages; full color. 

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