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Fencing Series - N Gauge - Peco - Varieties


Fencing Series - N Gauge - Peco - Varieties

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These fencing series N gauge kits are pre coloured but you can add paint and weathering to add more realism to the fencing. 

Choose from the three varieties (you will receive one). 

243 GWR Station Fencing Ramps and Gates

This pack contains:

• 238mm of Straight Fencing

• 2 x 56mm lengths of Ramp Fencing

• 4 Gates

238mm Of Fencing

Ramps and Gates

244 GWR Straight Station Fencing

 This pack contains Approximately 476mm of fencing.

Length: 476mm

245 GWR Spear Fencing, Black

This pack contains:  484mm of fencing

Length: 484mm


217 Lineside Fencing, Wood Brown

Length: 840mm

NB-45 Flexible Fencing

This fencing will follow ground contours with the posts remaining vertical.

Length: 978mm



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